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About Us​

Since its inception in 2017, Asteri Man has aimed at creating refined, handcrafted footwear for those who appreciate art, design and impeccable craftsmanship. Each pair is unique and bold… With its own personality, narrative and voice.

Specialising in luxury shoes for men, Asteri strives to be the definitive choice for today’s well-dressed, on-the-go man. Men can select from a vast range of designs fitting for both the smart- casual look as well as a more edgy- chic evening vibe.

Drawing inspiration from our travels across the globe, we have incorporated each country and culture’s vibrant colours, striking symbols, fierce patterns, bold fabrics and textures into our designs. This vision is then translated into handmade sketches, at times creating hybrids by adding unique Indian elements and traditional motifs to the images. Post which skilled Karigars (craftsmen) assemble these into their conceptualised designs.

Combining craft and cool, Asteri Man’s shoes are for those looking to put their best foot forward.


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